Sibilla Gorini
Interior Designer Made in Italy Sibilla Gorini was born on the 16th of March 1993 in Milan. She attended the Classic Lyceum B.Cavalieri in Verbania. In 2011 she studied 8 months at the Horton High School of Wolfville, Canada obtaining the 11th grade. From 2012 to 2015 she studied at NABA in Milan graduating in Interior Design. In 2013 she collaborated with AST company, which deals with production of showers and materials for industrial furniture in Stainless steel. In 2014 she worked at Formquadrat, a study of Transport design and product design in Linz, Austria. In 2014 she took part to a workshop in Sweden, collaborating with the artist and architect Duilio Forte in the construction of a floating sculpture of 8m diameter made of wood.
(+44) 7427066530
Gorini Sibilla

“The world fascinates me”